Build expressions & update data for your workflow within the software with

data manipulation

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What distinguishes BCC Mail Manager’s
Data manipulation functionality?

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Key Features

  • Expression builder to manipulate data within software using statements like if, then, and else
  • Support for user defined functions and nested equations
  • Debug custom expressions within the software
  • Record customized steps to be applied to future jobs without recreating them every time

Key benefits

  • No extra step to prepare data outside software using Excel or Access
  • Data preparation using built in expression builder supported by BCC Software
  • Satisfy job requirements like variable messaging without creating separate jobs

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In Your Business

Your client relies on you to deliver their invoices as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The job contains a wide range of possibilities; some of their customers invoices are just two pages, others nearing 100. As the job is delivered to you, there is initially no indication of how many pages will be created for each individual, so there is no way for you to know which would be letters, which would be flats, and which others were large enough to need a box. These calculations are largely dependent on the number of pages, weight of the paper, and how it will be folded during production. Complicating matters, every month each record in the file can have a drastically different number of pages. BCC Mail Manager customers, backed by our included support of USPS Mailpiece Design certified professionals, welcome this opportunity. Using the built in expression builder, the job variables are quickly taken into account every time the job is run, marking items under 3.3 ounces or ¼” thick as letters. Anything over that but below 16 ounces is marked as a flat, and items over 1 lb are marked as parcels. This is all done in the software, using saved routines created for this specific customer, allowing fast and accurate processing that maximizes postage discounts without a large time investment.

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While searching for postal software years ago, the customer service and support I received from BCC Software sealed the deal for me. They have maintained that same service to this day. One of the better decisions in this job I made.

– Stephen Miklosik, Elk Grove Graphics, Elk Grove Village, IL


BCC Software’s support is always available and is backed up by very in depth support documents, tutorials, and online learning sessions. The most positive aspect (aside from the software itself) that I get from BCC Software is the user forum. No other product I use has this valuable of a community resource for go-to help.

– Phil R., Tinton Falls, NJ


We serve some of the nation’s most notable brands – BCC Mail Manager Full Service with Task Master allows us to exceed our clients stringent data requirements.

– Glen Swyers, Classic Graphics, Charlotte, NC